About Derma

Our Philosophy

At Derma Medical Spa, we recognize the youthful mind and spirit inside a body regardless of the chronological age.

Noticeably, among the baby boomers, individuals seem to display a remarkable youthfulness on the inside, and signs of natural aging on the outside. This natural aging does not reflect the vibrant driving soul.  At Derma we listen, analyze and help you in achieving the results you are looking for.

Derma Medical Spa is specialized in giving you a way to be proud of your face with or without makeup. Whether your needs are simply refreshing the skin, smoothing, and even healthy tone, or whether it is minimizing wrinkles and folds etched over the years.  We understand the need to control skin issues, and we can help you control them in order to achieve healthy skin. Our treatments are geared to provide you with more time to enjoy life, and less time to worry about your skin issues that may require maintenance constantly throughout your day.

Inside Derma Medical Spa Highland, IndianaInside Derma Medical Spa Highland, Indiana

Nadia Nasr- Haddadin, RN, BSN, MHPE, MEP-C

Nadia’s experience in medical aesthetics has been since 2004. Nadia received her Bachelor of Nursing 1977, Masters in Health Professions’ Education 1982 at University of Illinois Medical Center, and she was among the first few Medical Aesthetics RNs to receive Certification in Medical Esthetics’ Professional Certification, across United States.

Nadia’s view point is that it is essential on the part of the professional, when practicing Medical Aesthetics, to have medical knowledge and training , as well as having a an artistic eye. In addition, it is crucial when working in Medical Aesthetics to produce an enhancement of a client’s look especially when augmenting features, in order to gain the desirable effects and symmetry, which can be achieved through a customized approach.

Initial consultation is free, and allows enough time to cover all information necessary for the client, which should be helpful in making his/her decision for the desired aesthetic results.

Isam A Haddadin, MD, FACS

Medical Director for Vein Care Center & Derma, in Highland Indiana

Dr. Haddadin is a general Surgeon and had been practicing general surgery since 1979, and brought the new technology of Varicose Veins treatment to Vein Care Center and Northwest Indiana as early as 2002. For more information, Please visit Vein care Center at www.veincarecenter.net