Sclerotherapy for Spider VeinsSpider Veins

Spiders veins are classified into 2 categories: Cosmetic and medical; Cosmetic Spider veins can be on the face especially by the nose, while spider veins on the legs can be sporadic, with no significant signs and symptoms. The medical varicose veins are usually more apparent, may be larger in diameter and can be caused by underlying reasons with some signs and symptoms or accompanying some complaints by the patient.

Treatment at derma is done on cosmetic spider veins by choosing the appropriate treatment or combining injections, VeinGogh, and/or laser. Lasers and VeinGogh can help vanish visible spider veins alone or with Sclerotherapy injections in different treatment sessions.

In case the history or the affected veins are presented with a medical underlying cause, we refer you to the specialty clinic for vein treatment that we trust will provide the best care and resolution. Derma recommends Vein Care Center, visit them at

Treatment can vary from 1-3 sessions depending on the case.